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Monday, February 24, 2020

Vintage Purse News: A Smorgasbord of Vintage Bags ...Coach, Dooney and MORE...

Vintage Purses

Hi Vintage Purse Fans!!...this lady who is WILD over vintage bags is back for more mischief, lol.  And, today is a good day to celebrate the Smorgasbord of vintage purses out there.  I mean, there really are some cool ones, n'cest pas?

According to the dictionary, a smorgasbord is a wide range of something; a variety.  So, hold tight for a vintage purse "feast"!!...

You won't find many like these...this vintage Coach Envelope bag!  What a cool idea and this bag would be great for carrying your current paperback or even some mail.
RARE Vintage Coach Envelope Purse - BUY NOW
Now, on to this gorgeous Dooney (who doesn't love a vintage Dooney?)  This one is very special as it's leather is still in very good condition, even though it is from the '80's...

1980's Dooney Bag
Gorgeous 1980's Dooney Bag - BUY NOW
I promised a smorgasbord and so how about a vintage Nine West bag?  How many of you have had a bag by them?  Still around today, they make some pretty groovy purses!

Vintage Nine West Purse
Vintage Nine West Hipster - BUY NOW
Now, for all you that love a, will be a purse that's a little bit different - a vintage Tommy Hilfiger chocolate vegan messenger bag.  This bag is HUGE!.............

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Bag
Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Bag - BUY NOW
And, the last piece of the vintage pie (for now, more later->>promise!)...a vintage Brighton briefcase that is over 20 years old and big enough to hold many laptops, your tablet, books, etc.  This bag is so stunning, sure to impress!

Brighton Briefcase
Brighton Briefcase from the '90's - BUY NOW
  So, Vintage Purse Fans..hope you enjoyed this Smorgasbord Vintage Purse Journey!

More to come in the near future, but please check out more cool vintage in NEWPRAIRIESTORE

Until next time....CHOW!   : )
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