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Friday, January 18, 2019

GORGEOUS Vintage Purse Survivors From Our Past

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Moda 1973    Photo Credit:  YolkFolk

 Hi there Vintage Purse Fans!  Glad to be back to d-r-ool over some FABULOUS Vintage Bag Survivors.  I think you'll agree that 50+ years old in purse life is an accomplishment!  And, there are some rare beauties out there.
So, without much are some...
From the seventies, this vintage dream bag was very popular.  And, many have not survived as well as this one.  A rare find, indeed!...

Vintage Tooled Leather Bag from 1970's - BUY NOW

And, for the classy chick, check out this Queen of Class - an exceptional black Downey & Bourke.  Famous for their "All Weather Leather", this bag speaks of style and durability ~ all in one!...
image 0

Vintage Black Dooney & Bourke Handbag -  BUY NOW

 Next, who doesn't love RED bags?  This cute Coach purse is the best little crossbody bag and hard to find!  Another RARE survivor for anyone on the go...take this little gem anywhere...
image 0

Vintage Red Leather Cross body Coach HIPSTER Purse - SOLD

And, what do you think about this "Stand Out" western purse?  Another hipster and would go with a cute brown or beige dress, jeans, or some stylish shorts.  Very versatile and sure to get a lot of compliments...
image 0

Vintage Leather and Cowhide Montana Silversmith Hipster Purse - BUY NOW

 Whew!  That has been quite a journey down memory lane for me... really gets me soooo excited to see these Beautiful Survivors~!

But, all good things have to come to an end... So, until next time.... CHOW!

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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