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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Vintage Western Bags GONE WILD!

Welcome Back Vintage Purse Fans!  I'm in a wild and crazy mood today and blame it on my addiction to vintage western, dresses, and especially bags!  So, if you share my need to ooh and aah, keep reading because I have some stunning western bags for you to view..

The first one is a show stopper, for sure!  A vintage western bag from the 20's that is just says "look at me"...

Deco Vintage Purse

Deco Vintage Purse - SOLD

Now, if you liked that one, you may be liking this next one with some very cool engraving...

Vintage Western Engraved Leather Bag

Tooled Leather Shoulder Bag from the '60's - SOLD

This next one is a favorite of you just don't see everyday!  Actually, many of these vintage western bags are originals as they are handmade by leather artisans...

Vintage Texas State Tooled Leather Purse - SOLD

Now, this next Vintage Brighton purse looks "cowgirl" all the way... : )

Brighton bag

Vintage BRIGHTON Leather Bag with Silver-tone Filigree - BUY NOW

And, for all you that like big is an exceptional vintage Brighton case that is to die for!...

Vintage Brighton Case - BUY NOW

Well, that's about all for this WILD FANTASY of vintage western bags!!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did...I just love looking at 'em...and drooling a little bit. : )

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So, until next time...CHOW!
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