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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Vintage Briefcase Extravaganza!

Welcome back Vintage Purse Fans!  It'll be a great year for vintage purses this new year and I'm still crazy about all things vintage, lol!!  How about you?  : )

So, for all you vintage purists out there that love the look of "true vintage", not a reproduction of something someone thinks looks vintage - check out these gorgeous vintage briefcases....

This first one is a beauty!  It was made in the late '80's (or possibly early '90's) and the leather has so much character to it, it is fabulous. All vintage lovers would drool over this one!!

Coach briefcase

Authentic Vintage Coach Briefcase from late '80's ~ BUY NOW

And, now for one of my favorites...a stunning Brighton Western briefcase that is hard to find.  Just check this out all you Brighton lovers!...

Vintage Brighton Western Briefcase ~ BUY NOW

All vintage Coach fans will love this gem with a great distressed look.  Sure to get lots of compliments!...

Distressed Coach Briefcase

Vintage Distressed Coach Briefcase ~ SOLD

So, that's just a sampling of some of the vintage bags we carry and hope you enjoyed this Vintage Extravaganza!  We have much more, if you care to look.  Just mosey on over to our vintage prairie shop, NEWPRAIRIESTORE.  

Until next time....CHOW! : )

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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