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Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Tips On How To Store Vintage Purses

Photo Credit:  Anna Barcelona
Welcome Vintage Purse fans!  Ever wonder how to store all those vintage bags so they stay as fresh (and good smelling) as ones 20 years newer?  It is possible to have that, if one is diligent about the environment that your delicate purse is in.  Think of your purse as a living sponge that is more porous than when it is newer, a little less moist, and could pick up nearly anything from the environment. You would never leave your purse in a smokey room, for example, if you really cared about having it fresh and new(est) as possible.

So, since vintage purses often need more help when it comes to storage than newer ones, here are some tips to "baby" your precious ones and giving them lots of TLC...they will thank you for your loving care with many more years of usefulness as the high quality bags they are meant to be...

1)  Be sure that your vintage purse is stored in a place that has temperature control between 50 - 80 degrees with the use of central air and heat.

2)  Humidity can wreak havoc on leather and other fabrics - the true sweet spot for optimal humidity for delicate materials is around 55 percent, according to Diane Piegza, VP of corporate communications at Sovran Self Storage.

4) The room would ideally be cool and dry, but not in a garage since temperature fluctuations, pests and sunlight can cause damage.  Cooler temps help prevent mold growth, discourage pests and drying out of leather. 

5)  Do not store any purses in air tight containers since these contribute to mold and mildew growth.

6)  Proper ventilation is critical to keeping your articles fresh smelling with no mildewy, moldy odors.

7)  Keep away from cooking areas or cigarettes.  Smoke and other elements in the air can permeate fabrics and leather.

8)  Chemical desiccants (like the packets found in pill bottles and food) are excellent for preventing mold growth due to moisture.  Purchase these at self-storage facilities.

9)  Keep your bags in areas where they will be protected from dust, also.  They should ideally be placed in breathable bags made of fabric or paper.  Or, they could be stored in wooden boxes or drawers.  It would even be acceptable to use cardboard boxes to protect them from environmental elements.  
10)  Occasionally remove your bags from storage for them to spend a day airing out in a climate controlled, well-ventilated area free from dander, dust, moisture, smoke or excessive sunlight.

Well, hope you liked these tips...if you follow them, you will keep your "babies" in tiptop vintage condition. : )
This has been lots of fun but gotta go..., until next time... CHOW!! : )

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