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Friday, September 5, 2014

What's Different About The Leather On Vintage Coach Purses? (with pictures)

Hi Vintage Purse Fans! Have you ever wondered what really is DIFFERENT about the leather on Vintage Coach Purses? Coach uses various types of leather, but something they all have in common is that they are of a nice quality leather. This is one way that you can tell whether your bag is authentic or not. Coach leather is not thin, does not crack when folded in half...instead, it is relatively soft, moderately thick, and durable. It should not be easily damaged by folding or compressing. And, under most circumstances, it should not peel.

Most of the leather on the vintage bags is made of gloved-tanned leather. So, what exactly is glove tanned leather? It is made with the similar process that is used in making baseball gloves that are made to last. More specifically, the designation of being "glove tanned" means it has a high oil content and the amount of oil used in tannage is key to the desired softness (as well as the milling process). Also of interest is that the vintage glove tanned leather is NOT the same as the leather seen in the Coach purses made today since the vintage leather is thicker - made of heavier cowhides. Plus, these bags were all handmade by workers in the US or oversea companies. Coach discontinued using gloved tanned leather after the late nineties due to cost effectiveness and wanting to change the look of their bags. Here are some pictures of some beautiful glove tanned leather for you to see...

Vintage Black Leather Coach Shoulder Bag

Well, that should give you a pretty good idea about the leather characteristics.  If you have some of these beautiful vintage bags, you should already know the difference that their quality leather makes in their looks and durability.  They just seem to last and last!

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Black Dooney

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