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Friday, August 1, 2014

Vintage Fossil Bag Daydreamin'...

Welcome Vintage Purse Fans!  Oh my heavens...I've been havin' some wild daydreams lately and they've been filled with Vintage Fossil bags!  I know I'm just a "little bit" silly, but really...aren't they just AWESOME!?!?!?

Fossil has been in business since 1984 making watches and other jewelry as Overseas Products International.  Then, they expanded to leather goods and really took off!! They have such a cool "Vintageness" in their leather bags - I really love them and how they look "portable" ANYWHERE!!

So, for your enjoyment - here are some great bags Fossil has made...

Large Brown Pebbled Leather Fossil Bag - SOLD

This Fossil bag is sooo cool...a very LARGE and ROOMY bag that should hold everything (maybe the kitchen sink?) ..... : )
Large Fossil Tote Bag
LARGE Fossil Classic Vintage Pebbled Leather Tote - SOLD

This black pebbled leather Fossil bag is "to die for" with it's beautiful styling, lots of compartments...I just LOVE the front pocket...

Fossil Black Leather Shoulder Bag Classic Vintage Purse
Fossil Black Leather Shoulder Bag Classic Vintage Purse - SOLD 

Such STYLE is packed into this very classy BASKETWEAVE bag...

Fossil BASKETWEAVE Brown Leather Vintage Purse - SOLD

And, what shopper, student, traveler, or working professional wouldn't LOVE this very coool Fossil

FOSSIL Classic Black Pebbled Leather Vintage Backpack for Career School Shopping
LARGE Fossil Vintage Pebbled Leather BACKPACK - SOLD

Well, that's all for now...guess I better get out of my daydream (but, just for awhile!!!!!!).  I promise to be back SOON with some more Vintage Purse News for your enjoyment...

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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