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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Small Vintage Bags That Are OHH SOOO CUTE!!

Photo Credit:  Glyn Lowe
Welcome Vintage Purse Fans!!  When was the last time you needed a small purse for that special dressy outfit?  Or, just wanting to look younger??...actually, small bags DO make one look younger ~ n'cest-ce pas??  Younger gals carry the smaller bags, for sure.  Easy to carry on their busy excursions with just a lipgloss, brush, and small wallet. 

So, for the vintage-lovin' haute couture are some that are fabulous!...

Silky Deco Bag - SOLD

This elegant, hand-beaded pearly bag is AMAZING!...

Vintage Aurora Borealis Pearly Bag - SOLD 

Here's one for those prairie women out there...

Vintage Deco Prairie Hand-Tooled Bag - SOLD 

This oriental bag is exquisite, with all the beautiful turquoise beading....

Turquoise Hand-Beaded Satiny Handbag - BUY NOW

This Montana Silversmith bag is easy to carry, looks very stylish with many casual outfits...

Montana Silversmith Fur and Cowhide Western Hipster - BUY NOW

Another really cute (& unique!) small western is a repurposed Tony Lama boot with a long, stone-beaded handle...

Repurposed Tony Lama Boot & Stone Bead Hipster - SOLD

This mini Coach hipster will go anywhere you go, in a hurry... : )

Mini Vintage Coach Hipster - SOLD

For an old-timey, romantic look ~ this elegant vintage (wooden!) purse fits the bill...

Vintage Wooden Purse With 3 Embroidered Hankies - BUY NOW 

And, does anyone remember this little Nine West is sooo cute!...

Nine West Basket Weave Hipster - SOLD
Whew!...that's about all for now.  There are so many cool small vintage bags that would fit in with this season's styles - will need to have a Part II to this!!! 

So, until next time... CHOW!

Check out Newprairiestore to see all the cool vintage!!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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