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Friday, March 7, 2014

Are U a Lover of LARGE Purses? ~ Vintage, that is... : )

Dooney & Bourke Vintage Tote Bag
Dooney & Bourke Backpack Style Tote Bag 
Hello Vintage Purse Fans!!  Been thinkin' about what purse to grab out of the closet for the weekend (and with a busy life, too!) - what better sense than to get one that holds EVERYTHING! : )  I mean, why have a small purse and stuff some more stuff in a few plastic bags?? 

Well, if you understand the are some C O O L  LARGE Vintage Bags (for your enjoyment, of course!)...

Here's a very large Fossil bag that holds lots ~ has many pockets and zippered cool bag!!
Vintage Fossil Purse w/Lots of Pockets - SOLD

And, this Vintage Italian Harold Powell Mock Croc bag is another one with a large zippered front pouch, something that gives a little bit extra, without adding a lot of bulk...

Harold Powell Italian Mock Croc Purse 

Here's a style that always has a lot of room (and looks classy, too!)...a Coach Station Briefcase Bag...
Vintage Coach Station Bag - SOLD

And, this Coach Doctor Bag is just so FABULOUS...look at the beautiful leather and large size...
Vintage Coach Doctor Bag - SOLD

This Fossil Tote is simply amazing!...the leather is exquisite, it's very large and the wide canvas shoulder strap gives you lots of comfort...

Fossil Large Messenger Tote Bag - SOLD

And, this Vintage Legacy Coach Bag is the LARGE one that Coach made...a dream!...

Vintage Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag - SOLD

And this LARGE Coach Tote Bag from the Seventies is SUPER COOL...a rare RED TOTE that you probably won't find very easily on the Net...

RARE Vintage Red Tote Bag - SOLD

This Vintage Coach Backpack in BROWN leather is to die for!!!!!!!!!........
Brown Leather Vintage Coach Backpack - SOLD 

And this Turquoise Fossil Tote Bag is really amazing!...
Turquoise Vintage Fossil Tote Bag - SOLD

Whew!  That was quite a few LARGE VINTAGE BAGS!!  But, it was a lot of fun for me...hope you liked it, too!

Well, until next time... CHOW!! : )

Check out Newprairiestore to see all the cool vintage!!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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