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Friday, February 14, 2014


Photo Credit:  Terrence Lim

Hi Vintage Purse Fans!  It's  so exciting to think about all the beautiful Western Purses out there!!  And, the vintage ones are the BEST!  So much care has gone into the making of them, such artistry.  Here are some beauties for you to see......

Deco Prairie bag that is just amazing!!  This style is very rare as most of the deco bags are NOT hand tooled western purses.  
Deco Hand Tooled Leather Prairie Bag
Deco Hand Tooled Leather Prairie Bag - SOLD

Check out this Gaitan hand tooled leather western bag...all the intricate work in flowers and leaves is extraordinary, indeed!!...

Vintage Gaitin Hand Tooled Leather Purse
Vintage Gaitan Hand Tooled Leather Western Purse - SOLD

If you love Brighton purses, this one is one of the best...very beautiful...
Vintage Mock Croc Brighton Western Purse
Vintage Mock Croc Brighton Western Purse - SOLD

A vintage western hand tooled briefcase fit for any cowboy or cowgirl...very nice!!...

Vintage Hand Tooled Leather Western Briefcase 

If you love Texas, you will LOVE this hand tooled leather western DOCTOR BAG!!  It is very nice with the state engraved in a colorful design and a LONE STAR ~ to boot...
Vintage Hand Tooled Leather Texas Doctor Bag
Vintage Hand Tooled Leather Texas Doctor Bag - SOLD 

A fan of Montana Silversmith bags?...check out this GORGEOUS BAG in excellent condition!!  The fringe and fur with the big cross is stunning...
Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse - BUY NOW 

Well Vintage Purse Fans...hope you enjoyed the Western Purse Show!!  Check out some of the other posts for more Vintage Fun...

Until next time...CHOW!! : )

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vintage Coach Purse Gallery Part III

Hey Vintage Purse Fans!! Hope you all are happy out there in Vintage Purseland! We have a real treat for you today ~ some gorgeous Vintage Coach Purses. Hope you love these as much as we do ~ they are ALL Fabulous!! : )

This rare Coach bag is a rare one, indeed.  And, it is one of the larger purses that Coach has made...

RARE Vintage Black Leather Coach Purse - SOLD

This vintage Coach Briefcase is EXCELLENT! It's hard to believe how nice this one is, it was very well cared for, without a doubt...
Vintage Red Coach Briefcase - SOLD

This Coach bag is very rare, indeed!  Notice the style, you just don't see these very often...
VERY RARE Black Vintage Coach Purse

If you are needing a classic brown bag that goes well with dressy to casual...this one fits the bill.  And, it is made of some beautiful aged brown leather - much the style nowadays...
Brown Aged Leather Vintage Coach Purse
Brown Aged Leather Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag - SOLD

This VERY RARE red vintage tote is  simply gorgeous!  "Back in the day" red was a rare color of Coach bags with the majority of them being brown and black.
Rare Red Vintage Coach Tote Bag
VERY RARE Red Vintage Coach Tote Bag - SOLD

This black Coach bag is a gorgeous flap-over bag, saddle bag style vintage leather purse - in very good condition, also!

Black Leather Vintage Coach Purse
Vintage Black Flap-over Leather Coach Purse - SOLD

A favorite of everyone...a gorgeous Coach Briefcase Station Bag ...
Vintage Black Leather Coach Briefcase Station Bag - SOLD

This authentic vintage Coach backpack is nearly in mint condition, a marvelous backpack!  Even the hardware looks pretty new, with only mild signs of wear.  Check it out!!

Beautiful Brown Coach Leather Backpack - SOLD

Well, it's been lots of fun...but, all good things have to end (not for long, though!!).  Anyhow, we will be back real soon with more Vintage Purse Fun!

So, until next time...CHOW!! : )

Oh, need to add that we get no additional compensation from any of the brands of purses that we sell?

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh VintageTotes...What A Way To Go!! (with Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Fossil... )

Welcome Vintage Purse Fans!!  It's an exciting thing to look for that PERFECT TOTE that I'm sure everyone needs.  If you like to shop, they are soooo handy.  If you like to read, they are great for taking books to the doctors office, an overnighter anywhere, or even to the park.  If you just love to have enough room in your purse,...finally...totes are for you!! But, I know it doesn't take any convincing, n'est-ce pas?

For your viewing pleasure, here are some really exciting vintage tote bag treasures...

This cool tote by Dooney & Bourke is so roomy and very secure, too.  It looks almost like a backpack, has a drawstring closure and one big, comfortable shoulder strap...

Vintage Dooney Tote Bag
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Tote Bag - SOLD 

The ultimate tote,  a vintage Sac Plat Tote by Louis Vuitton...ahhhh....
Vintage Sac Plat Louis Vuitton Tote Bag
Vintage Sac Plat Tote by Louis Vuitton - SOLD

A very large luxurious soft leather Fossil Brand Tote that'll take your breath away!...

Fossil Brand Vintage Messenger Tote Bag
Vintage Fossil Brand Messenger Tote Bag - SOLD
This really unusual aqua turquoise vegan tote bag from Fossil is really cool!...
Fossil Turquoise Vegan Tote Bag
Fossil Turquoise Vegan Tote Bag - SOLD

A true hippie tote bag from the sixties...what a great way to celebrate peace and love in style!....

Hippie Vintage Red Vibrant Crochet Tote Purse 1960s
Hippie Sixties Crochet Tote Bag 

Another sixties tote that is very unusual with cowhide patches and a drawstring closure...a rare treat!...

Vintage Sixties Cowhide Patch Tote Bag
Sixties Cowhide Patch Drawstring Tote Bag 

And for a VERY RARE vintage red tote bag from Coach - we checked the internet and couldn't find another one of these babies...

Rare Red Vintage Coach Tote Bag
Rare Red Vintage Coach Tote Bag - SOLD

Well, that's all we've got (we could go on and on!), but we'll be sure to be back soon with some more great Vintage Purse News!!

So. for now....CHOW! : )

Check out Newprairiestore to see all the cool vintage!!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some "Great Survivors" Vintage Purses - Dooney, Coach, Fossil...

Vintage Purse Blog Collage

Hi Vintage Purse Fans!  It's been an exciting month so far (but, it's only the first day, lol)... : )

Anyhow, I've been so excited about lots of things and Vintage Purses are ONE of them! Ohh yeah!

What about all the cool vintage purses that you see women carrying nowadays?  There are many that get me going.  You know how it is, they are in such GREAT shape and how can that be when they are over 20 years old, exposed to the elements, tossed around, opened and closed, things put into them and then taken out, etc.. 

So, for your enjoyment...
here are some great ones ...

This Fossil Brand Tote bag is "to die for" kiddin'!  It is so roomy and the leather is extra supple (but not too much so) and will take a lot of trips to the mall and office.  Lots of use left in this baby...

Vintage Fossil Brand Tote Bag
Vintage Fossil Brand Tote Bag ~ Hard To Find - SOLD

   Here's a Vintage Dooney & Bourke Doctor Bag that doesn't need much said about's sooo beautiful...
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Doctor Bag ~ JUST SOLD

 And, here's a bag that is made by Coach that's VERY RARE!  As you can see, it's a gorgeous RED Tote bag that is from the sixties or seventies.  It's probably one of the very few styles of RED Coach purses they made back then...
RARE Red Vintage Leather Tote Bag
RARE Vintage Red Leather Coach Tote Bag - SOLD

Here's an extra nice Black Coach Flap-Over Shoulder Bag that should please just about anyone!  It is very classy and stunning looking ~ simply amazing that it's in such good condition.  Even the piping is practically brand new looking.

Vintage Coach Shoulder Bag
Vintage Black Coach Leather Shoulder Bag - SOLD

 And, for all you lovers of vintage western's a doctor bag that will surely please!  It's a beautiful Texas Leather Doctor Bag that is really unusual.  These were a favorite of many Texas women and travelers visiting the state...will definitely get a lot of compliments!

Vintage Texas Doctor Bag
Texas Map and Lone Star Vintage Leather Doctor Bag - SOLD

Well, that's all for now, but there will be more posts coming very soon!  We have a lot of new bags that are about to be listed and have been very busy.  Actually, we've been getting in lots of other vintage items...

So, for now... CHOW! : )

Check out Newprairiestore to see all the cool vintage!!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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