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Monday, December 23, 2013

Have a Merry #VINTAGE Christmas!

Hello Vintage Purse Fans...

It's close to Christmas and the little kiddos can hardly wait.  Christmas is such a beautiful holiday, one spent with family that we hold so dear.  While we may enjoy the Christmas of today... a VINTAGE Christmas sounds so good to many of us, too.  Why not have an old-fashioned Christmas, one that reminds us of Christmas of long ago??  I love to decorate with all my old vintage Christmas's comforting to know that some things do not change.

So, for your enjoyment are some cool photos reminiscent of those glorious Christmas's from the past...

Remember those beautiful fragile glass bulbs for a truly vintage Christmas?
Vintage Christmas tree bulbs
Photo Credit:  Maegan
Or, how about an old SANTA?? : )

Photo Credit:  Mavis

This is cool for vintage Christmas remembrances...
For each Sunday in December 2007, MTA had a special vintage V train running between Queens Plaza and the 2nd Avenue stations a couple of times.

Photo Credit:  Marcin Wichary

And, how about an old polaroid with a plaid couch, paneling, and vintage wallpaper to remind us of Christmas's in days past?

Photo Credit:  Pixietart

How about a cool vintage Christmas tree to get us in the "Vintage Christmas Spirit"? : )

Photo Credit:  Flare

And, last but not least,...a truly awesome vintage Christmas card...

Photo Credit:  Dave

Hope you enjoyed this Vintage assortment of photo relics from years gone past.  We are so excited about VINTAGE and love all vintage!!  

We've been adding more vintage purses and other items (as always), so be sure to check us out!

Well, Vintage Purse Fans...until next time, ... CHOW! : ) 

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