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Monday, November 4, 2013

Vintage Business Briefcases ~ aren't they cool? : )

Briefcase (Photo credit: geinography)
Business (Photo credits:
Hi Vintage Fans!  
I know vintage is becoming 
this season.  
Everyone seems to be snatching up some of the best of the vintage items for fashion and home decor. Nearly everyday you can read or catch a glimpse of a celebrity in online, print, or TV media sporting some vintage apparel.

The vintage look has caught on in the business world, too!  These vintage briefcases are soooo fantastic...the ones in really good condition are like trophies for the lucky owners.  They can be a focal point of a well-dressed business person, giving them a polished and professional look.

So, without much more are some gorgeous cases (for both men and women business professionals)...

Vintage Red Coach Briefcase ~ JUST SOLD

This case has such a cool seventies/eighties look! is of thick leather and has a gothic look to it.  It has such character, too.  Many of the "newly made vintage-inspired" cases that try to copy bags like this come out in a distressed leather condition.  This bag is for a VINTAGE PURIST, for sure!  And, it is large enough in size to carry most laptops or tablets along with a few business files, etc.  Just take a look...

Gohic Leather Vintage Briefcase
Gothic Vintage Leather Briefcase -SOLD

And, straight from India is a very cool briefcase this is to die for!  This case has a unique vintage look that manufacturers continue to attempt to copy, but this is the REAL THING!  Just check out this ultra-cool case...

Vintage India Leather Briefcase
Vintage India Leather Briefcase ~ SOLD

If you love the look of the authentic Vintage Western Hand-Tooled Briefcase may be the look you are after.  This kind of briefcase is hard to find...there are lots of purses and belts that are of tooled leather, but nothing as elaborate as this briefcase!  It's a very unique case!...

Western Vintage Hand Tooled Briefcase
Western Hand Tooled Leather Vintage Briefcase - NOT FOR SALE
So, hope you enjoyed these gorgeous vintage business briefcases!  They are definitely all authentic vintage...not copycats!  For lovers of vintage everywhere and sure to impress.

Until next time...CHOW!   : ) 

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