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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage Purse News: Fossil Extravaganza!

Welcome Vintage Purse Fans! 

Vintage purses are sooo exciting and what makes them extra special is the quality behind them for a very long life.  Also...character!  Vintage purses have a lot of character.  And, one of the top brands that exhibit both long-lasting quality and character is Fossil purses.

Just check these amazing Vintage Fossil Purses out!........

This vintage Fossil bag is very soft with lots of pockets...
Vintage Fossil Bag With Cargo-Style Pockets - SOLD

Hard to believe how LARGE this Fossil purse is! 
Extra Large Vintage Fossil Pebbled Leather Purse - SOLD

This vintage Fossil purse has very rich brown leather...ahhhh... : )
Vintage Fossil Purse ~ Sold

Many vintage Fossil purses have a brass key attached ~ very cool look!
Another Vintage Fossil Purse ~ Sold

This Fossil purse was very unusual in white leather...simply beautiful!
Vintage White Fossil Bag ~ Sold

Well, hope you enjoyed these gorgeous goodies!  Vintage Fossil purses are AMAZING!  Don't you think so?

Until next time...have a happy vintage life... CHOW!

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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