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Friday, April 20, 2012

Vintage Coach Treasure In SIENNA RED!

Check out this vintage Coach treasure in SIENNA RED!  It is a simply gorgeous drawstring bag that's great for anyone on the go.  The leather is in excellent condition and the vintage look adds character.  Very beautiful.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vintage COACH Sienna Red Cowhide Leather Crossbody Bag - Drawstring Tote Excellent Condition Bag - $85.00

Vintage COACH Sienna Red Crossbody Cowhide Leather Purse

Stunning Sienna Red Coach

Crossbody style

Drawstring under flap (see photos)

Excellent vintage condition

Some mild wear, few faint stains due to use

This bag looks like it has hardly been used at all!

Coach creed

No 0425- 021

Large pocket inside, zipper works great

Strap in excellent ...

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RARE Vintage COACH Camel Tan Beige HOBO Leather Bag - Ergo Soft Soho Handbag, Excellent Vintage Condition Purse - $139.00

RARE Vintage COACH Camel Tan Beige HOBO Leather Bag

VERY RARE camel hobo Coach bag

Excellent vintage condition

Some mild wear due to use

This bag looks like it has hardly been used at all!

Coach creed

No L7D 9033

Large pocket inside

Wide strap in excellent condition

Zipper works great

Very clean

Large size, you should be happy with ...

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage Purse News: Fossil Extravaganza!

Welcome Vintage Purse Fans! 

Vintage purses are sooo exciting and what makes them extra special is the quality behind them for a very long life.  Also...character!  Vintage purses have a lot of character.  And, one of the top brands that exhibit both long-lasting quality and character is Fossil purses.

Just check these amazing Vintage Fossil Purses out!........

This vintage Fossil bag is very soft with lots of pockets...
Vintage Fossil Bag With Cargo-Style Pockets - SOLD

Hard to believe how LARGE this Fossil purse is! 
Extra Large Vintage Fossil Pebbled Leather Purse - SOLD

This vintage Fossil purse has very rich brown leather...ahhhh... : )
Vintage Fossil Purse ~ Sold

Many vintage Fossil purses have a brass key attached ~ very cool look!
Another Vintage Fossil Purse ~ Sold

This Fossil purse was very unusual in white leather...simply beautiful!
Vintage White Fossil Bag ~ Sold

Well, hope you enjoyed these gorgeous goodies!  Vintage Fossil purses are AMAZING!  Don't you think so?

Until next time...have a happy vintage life... CHOW!

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Purse News: Vintage Purses From Around The World

Welcome Vintage Purse Fans! ( from newprairiestore )

Don't you agree that vintage purses are sooooo cool?  They are very exciting to me and there's a lot to be excited about!  Vintage purses let you stand out, if you want, and make a definite fashion statement.  Plus, nothing echoes individuality more than having a bag that no one else has...

...and, what bags are more obscure than a bag from a far away land? 

Check out these very cool, neat, & somewhat obscure purses from around the world...

This Harold Powell bag is made in Italy of Italian leather, probably one of the first Mock Croc bags...a very beautiful purse, indeed!  It looks very stylish with nearly any outfit.  If you want a stunning look of style, this purse is PURE CLASS!

Straight from Morroco, an exotic Four Winds bag made of Morrocan leather.  This bag has the "flavor" of Morroco in it with it's very artistic design:  unique shape, engraved silver metal, braided leather strap with leather tassels, and a handmade, craftsman look that is very appealing! 

Vintage Four Winds Moroccan Purse - SOLD

Moving across the ocean, here is a bag from Mexico that is very gorgeous!  It's a vintage Avelar bag that has such exquisite craftsmanship, I think you'll agree!  Pictures say it all...check this one out!...

Vintage Avelar Hand-Tooled Leather Bag ~ Made In Mexico - SOLD

Going a little bit south to the country of Brazil, here is a purse made of Brazilian leather that has a look of mystique.  And, Brazilian leather is very much desired today as it has always been.  Check this one out!

Vintage Brazilian Leather Purse ~ SOLD

Now, traveling just a little bit, check out this beauty from Columbia.  As you may know, Columbian leather has an appeal much like Brazil.  In my opinion, bags from these two countries have a look of quality and style with a contemporary look that will never go out of style.

Vintage B. Young Black Columbian Purse ~ SOLD

Well, that concludes my journey around the world, for now.  We have sold vintage bags since 2006 and have many "stories to tell".  So, until next post...have a great time living your vintage life! : )

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vintage Dooney & Bourke Purse News


Dooney & Bourke purses are about the classiest bags around, I think you'll agree.  And, the vintage ones are simply timeless.  These bags are loved by many purse collectors and make a great addition to any wardrobe!

So, if you have an interest in vintage Dooneys...just sit back, relax, and check out these jewels...

 This classic bag is from the's in the classic off-white and British tan colors.  Even though it's over twenty years old, the look is of a seldom-used bag.  It's very pretty and will go with nearly anything in your closet.

Old Dooney & Bourke Two-Tone Purse - SOLD

If you are a lover of the dark beige and British tan vintage Dooney & Bourke purses, just check this one out!  It is made of the water resistant All-Weather Leather that Dooney & Bourke is famous for.  And, it is a perfect size for outings like shopping or even a hike since it is not large and bulky ~ all your items would fit perfectly in this bag.

Two Tone EXTRA LARGE Dooney Equestrian Bag - SOLD

If Dooneys for business sound like they're up your alley...check out this GORGEOUS briefcase!  From the eighties, it's in the old equestrian style, but actually a briefcase!!  Sure to look impressive at the office or your business.  Also, it has lots of compartments for organizing, a very useful & beautiful case, 
RARE Vintage Burgundy Dooney & Bourke Case - SOLD

 Hope you enjoyed your time here looking at these exquisite vintage purses!  The Dooney & Bourke purses have been a fav of many purse-lovers for alot of years.  As everyone's hard to go wrong with a Dooney! : )

What's Coming Up...
We plan to keep adding articles to this blog on a regular basis ~~every time it'll be something different! So, until next time ~ hope you enjoyed Vintage Purse News!! 

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi Coach purse lovers!  If you have an interest in Coach purses and like to see some beautiful vintage Coach purses, check these out...

This Coach bag is from the eighties...a gorgeous aged-leather in a medium chocolate brown.  This purse has such a great vintage look, I much prefer this to a newer purse.
Brown Chocolate Coach Shoulder Bag - SOLD

This black Coach purse is a vintage saddle bag.  Notice the chunky silver hardware and the foldover flap...a very cool look from the eighties.  Great for casual wear...looks fabulous with this season's retro styles!

Vintage Black Coach Saddle Bag - SOLD

What a beautiful vintage Coach briefcase this is!  It's a fairly large case that would hold most laptops, even though it was made way before laptops were even around.   The leather on this is just gorgeous, it "speaks Coach" quality and style.  A very classy bag to take to work.

Vintage Coach Briefcase ~ SOLD

This black Coach hobo is an attempt by Coach to create a purse with an earlier look.  Notice the large silver hook clasp seen on many older purses, a really cool look, indeed!

Vintage Style Coach Purse From Nineties ~ SOLD

That's it for now...but check out newprairiestore for more beautiful vintage purses.  We have a great selection  ~ sure to have something for any taste!

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse
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