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Monday, February 24, 2020

Vintage Purse News: A Smorgasbord of Vintage Bags ...Coach, Dooney and MORE...

Vintage Purses

Hi Vintage Purse Fans!!...this lady who is WILD over vintage bags is back for more mischief, lol.  And, today is a good day to celebrate the Smorgasbord of vintage purses out there.  I mean, there really are some cool ones, n'cest pas?

According to the dictionary, a smorgasbord is a wide range of something; a variety.  So, hold tight for a vintage purse "feast"!!...

You won't find many like these...this vintage Coach Envelope bag!  What a cool idea and this bag would be great for carrying your current paperback or even some mail.
RARE Vintage Coach Envelope Purse - BUY NOW
Now, on to this gorgeous Dooney (who doesn't love a vintage Dooney?)  This one is very special as it's leather is still in very good condition, even though it is from the '80's...

1980's Dooney Bag
Gorgeous 1980's Dooney Bag - BUY NOW
I promised a smorgasbord and so how about a vintage Nine West bag?  How many of you have had a bag by them?  Still around today, they make some pretty groovy purses!

Vintage Nine West Purse
Vintage Nine West Hipster - BUY NOW
Now, for all you that love a, will be a purse that's a little bit different - a vintage Tommy Hilfiger chocolate vegan messenger bag.  This bag is HUGE!.............

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Bag
Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Bag - BUY NOW
And, the last piece of the vintage pie (for now, more later->>promise!)...a vintage Brighton briefcase that is over 20 years old and big enough to hold many laptops, your tablet, books, etc.  This bag is so stunning, sure to impress!

Brighton Briefcase
Brighton Briefcase from the '90's - BUY NOW
  So, Vintage Purse Fans..hope you enjoyed this Smorgasbord Vintage Purse Journey!

More to come in the near future, but please check out more cool vintage in NEWPRAIRIESTORE

Until next time....CHOW!   : )

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Vintage Purses For Everyday Life

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Photo Credit: Nicol├ís Boullosa

Welcome back Vintage Purse Fans!  As you know, since there are so many types...vintage bags can be so versatile and used from casual to formal wear.  But, I really think my favorite vintage bags are the ones that can be used in EVERYDAY LIFE!  I mean, REALLY.  Why not?  Vintage bags are so-o-o-o-o cool! 

So, I just wanna drool over some of these gems from yesteryear!  Maybe while listening to Abba or the Beatles or the Doors? : )

Here they are...

This large Coach Envelope Bag from New York City is one awesome bag!  It is in very good vintage condition from the 1970's.  How many years ago is that, anyhow?  : ).
image 0

Vintage Coach Envelope Bag from New York City - BUY NOW!

 Maybe, a shopping trip with this vintage tote by Tommy Hilfiger?  Hilfiger started his company in 1984 and it became a roaring success in the 1990's.  This preppy vegan bag is fabulous and would probably hold anything you want...

Hilfiger Tote Bag

Chocolate Vintage Tote Bag by Tommy Hilfiger - BUY NOW!

This gem will go with nearly any outfit; can go to school, work, or on a weekend outing. From 1995, it surely would get lots of compliments...

Coach Buckle Bag

1995 Vintage Coach Buckle Bag - SOLD


I'm about to "go bananas" over this bag!  Just check out how neat this 1990 Vintage Coach bag is... large, chocolate leather, and oh so cool~!

Large Chocolate Coach

Large Chocolate Leather Coach Bag - BUY NIOW

For the Western Lovers out there... this baby could go to the office EVERYDAY.  And, who doesn't like Brighton bags?  Love the engraved silver metal and how they really stand out from the rest and this bag is the QUEEN of all Brighton bags...

Brighton Briefcase

Vintage Brighton Briefcase - BUY NOW!

Whew!  That was a lot of fun!  These vintage bags can be so much a part of our EVERYDAY LIVES!  Grab one while running out the door each morning...

Until next time... CHOW!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

VINTAGE PURSE CLEANING - oh, that delicate, precious bag! ...

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Vintage Fossil Bag - SOLD

 Hi there Vintage Purse Fans!  We all have different ideas of  how to clean our purses... n'est-ce pas?  But, there is one thing I think we all agree on is that we do not want to leave it in a worse state than before; possibly shortening it's life (or ending it, LOL!)

Photo credit:  Harrilott
So, the one word that is most important to remember when selecting cleaning products or making your own home concoctions is:
Photo credit:  Robert De Bock
What you should not do:
  • Use Clorox wipes
  • Use baby wipes
  • Use any bleach or abrasives
  • Scrub with a rough pad
  • Put in the washing machine
  • Put in the clothes dryer
  • Leave in the sun
  • Use harsh detergents
  • Skip spot testing
  • yada yada yada...

 Believe it or not, there are many women who claim to be addicted to Clorox wipes that contain several dangerous chemicals... and cannot stop using them.  They even have such a bad addiction that can be a challenge to their health and even to unborn children.  If you Google "Clorox wipe addiction", you can see it there... do NOT EVER use Clorox wipes on your vintage leather!  There are many environmentally friendly alternatives that do not pose a health risk.

Cowhide Leather
It is important for cowhide leather should be cleaned to remove dust, dirt and other debris that can damage the surface. It is made up of many fibrous strands, much like a sponge. And, the fibers are so tightly compacted they cannot be seen until the leather is damaged (ripping or tearing). According to a Government of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development publication, once leather become dirty and dry it becomes dry and brittle. There needs to be proper cleaning help maintain healthy, moisturized leather.  However, cleaning should be just enough to be effective as you can damage this type of leather with too vigorous of cleaning. (Teague 2010).

Tanned Leather
For regular maintenance:  Wipe your bag once a week with warm, soapy water... mix a small amount of mild liquid soap to warm water and use a soft damp cloth to wipe away any dirt from the outside of your handbag (Cosmopolitan, 2019)... very GENTLY on old or delicate leather!  Dry with a soft, dry cloth.  When the leather is nearly dry, wipe down with a moisturizing conditioner to fight dryness and add protection against the elements.

Some well-known and widely accepted leather mild soaps that we recommend are:  Castile Soap, Saddle Soap, and Ivory Soap (EHow, 2010).

We believe in being kind to the earth and using cleansers that are environmentally friendly. 

We ALWAYS use the gentlest cleaning products for all of our vintage bags and have been doing this for over 12 years now!  If you purchase one of our bags, you can be sure you will be getting the highest quality (that makes our competition GREEN WITH ENVY). : ) ...

Green with envy
Photo credit:  Fran Tapia

In conclusion, we recommend any difficult cleaning jobs are given to a pro to help... don't risk drying out or changing the color of your bag!  But, for regular care (after spot testing), using these methods will give your bags the attention they deserve!  They can live to be well over 50 - 60 years old AND LOOK STUNNING!

Well, that's enough Vintage Purse Fun for now!!  Until next tine...CHOW! : )

“How to Clean Leather With Ivory Soap.” EHow, Leaf Group, 20 Apr. 2010,

Person. “How to Clean Your Designer Leather Handbag.” Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan, 7 Jan. 2019,

Teague, Lillian. “How to Clean Cowhide Leather.”, Hunker, 5 July 2010,

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Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Friday, January 18, 2019

GORGEOUS Vintage Purse Survivors From Our Past

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Moda 1973    Photo Credit:  YolkFolk

 Hi there Vintage Purse Fans!  Glad to be back to d-r-ool over some FABULOUS Vintage Bag Survivors.  I think you'll agree that 50+ years old in purse life is an accomplishment!  And, there are some rare beauties out there.
So, without much are some...
From the seventies, this vintage dream bag was very popular.  And, many have not survived as well as this one.  A rare find, indeed!...

Vintage Tooled Leather Bag from 1970's - BUY NOW

And, for the classy chick, check out this Queen of Class - an exceptional black Downey & Bourke.  Famous for their "All Weather Leather", this bag speaks of style and durability ~ all in one!...
image 0

Vintage Black Dooney & Bourke Handbag -  BUY NOW

 Next, who doesn't love RED bags?  This cute Coach purse is the best little crossbody bag and hard to find!  Another RARE survivor for anyone on the go...take this little gem anywhere...
image 0

Vintage Red Leather Cross body Coach HIPSTER Purse - SOLD

And, what do you think about this "Stand Out" western purse?  Another hipster and would go with a cute brown or beige dress, jeans, or some stylish shorts.  Very versatile and sure to get a lot of compliments...
image 0

Vintage Leather and Cowhide Montana Silversmith Hipster Purse - BUY NOW

 Whew!  That has been quite a journey down memory lane for me... really gets me soooo excited to see these Beautiful Survivors~!

But, all good things have to come to an end... So, until next time.... CHOW!

Check out Newprairiestore to see all the cool vintage!!

Black Dooney

Vintage Montana Silversmith Purse

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Vintage Western Bags GONE WILD!

Welcome Back Vintage Purse Fans!  I'm in a wild and crazy mood today and blame it on my addiction to vintage western, dresses, and especially bags!  So, if you share my need to ooh and aah, keep reading because I have some stunning western bags for you to view..

The first one is a show stopper, for sure!  A vintage western bag from the 20's that is just says "look at me"...

Deco Vintage Purse

Deco Vintage Purse - SOLD

Now, if you liked that one, you may be liking this next one with some very cool engraving...

Vintage Western Engraved Leather Bag

Tooled Leather Shoulder Bag from the '60's - SOLD

This next one is a favorite of you just don't see everyday!  Actually, many of these vintage western bags are originals as they are handmade by leather artisans...

Vintage Texas State Tooled Leather Purse - SOLD

Now, this next Vintage Brighton purse looks "cowgirl" all the way... : )

Brighton bag

Vintage BRIGHTON Leather Bag with Silver-tone Filigree - BUY NOW

And, for all you that like big is an exceptional vintage Brighton case that is to die for!...

Vintage Brighton Case - BUY NOW

Well, that's about all for this WILD FANTASY of vintage western bags!!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did...I just love looking at 'em...and drooling a little bit. : )

Be sure to check out all our vintage bags and other items in NEWPRAIRIESTORE.
So, until next time...CHOW!
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